The MyLeadSystemPRO leadership is unparalleled and unmatched by any other generic training and education platform in the industry. I did this MLSP Review, because MLSP is comprised of some of the biggest names and trainers in the home business industry including top earners from a variety of network marketing companies, all of whom will help train and mentor you to success. There are two top leadership groups inside of MLSP: The “MLSP Executive Mastermind Team,” and the “MLSP Master Marketers.”

MLSP Executive Mastermind Team

The MLSP Executive Mastermind Team is MLSP’s most prestigious, exclusive mastermind group, and includes some of the sharpest marketers in the game today.  The EMT member plays an active role in the MLSP community by continually giving back to the MLSP family, has proven themselves as part of the top 3% of internet marketers worldwide, and is committed to the long-term vision and mission of MyLeadSystemPRO as a whole.  A key differentiator in this MLSP Review is the focus on this exclusive mastermind group helps pave and design the future of MLSP, and in turn may be selected as trainers for our MLSP Leadership Retreats (if selected, trainers receive complimentary airfare and accommodation for these private, intimate, luxurious MLSP Leadership Retreats), VIP access to all MLSP events, and front-row seating for private, advanced MLSP webinar trainings reserved for this core group only. This group is the best-of-the best. Meet your MyLeadSystemPRO Executive Mastermind Team:

David Wood Costa Rica

“When I got started using this system in Dec. 2009 I was broke. I Had $200 left in my bank account and had no money coming in anywhere. I had never marketed anything on the internet in my entire life. Within my first 6 months I made over $150,000! I now have more money in my bank account than I’ve ever had thanks to MyLeadSystemPRO.”

Michelle Pescosolido New York, NY

MLSP changed the entire direction of my business. I went from being on information overload, overwhelmed, sick and tired of chasing around my warm market to 6 figures in 6 months. I always say, if you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business. MLSP saves you time and wasted energy. The system gives you all the tools you need to build a successful business online. All in one place and it’s packed with all the training you need. I went from a nobody with no experience online to a leader within our industry just by implementing the MLSP system of attraction marketing. If I can do this so can you. It’s all about passion, drive, determination and using MLSP “the one simple tool” to build your business. Thanks MLSP!

Ray HigdonFort Meyers, FL

“It has been unbelievable since I found MyLeadSystemPRO how my life has changed. Since implementing MLSP, I’ve been fortunate enough to hit the #1 income spot in my primary company and have gone on to make over $40,000 / month, and I really owe a lot of that to this system. I had 133 leads come in just over the weekend and it’s all thanks to the training & community here in MLSP.

Jamie Soriano Fort Collins, CO

“If you’re looking for an effective way to build your MLM business online, MLSP is the way to go. Within 6 months of using the system, I’ve been able to generate 30+ leads a day for free, with my best day being over 70 leads. I’ve also become one of the top producers in my primary company, personally sponsoring 58 people in a two week period of time and earning over $15,000 in a week. Hands down, MLSP is the BEST marketing system online today.”

Rob Fore Carson City, NV

“Imagine how your life would be different if you could virtually guarantee success in every thing you set you mind to. Would you be living in the house or working at the same job? Here’s the #1 success secret of all time: Find what the leaders are doing and simply DO the same things! I’m a top 20 income earner with a team of over 11,000 world-wide. COPY leaders on this page, because now it is your turn.”




MLSP Master Marketers Team


The MLSP Master Marketers are MLSP’s rising stars. This very-talented, tight-knit team of successful marketers have proven themselves in the field, and are well on their way to superstar status. These leaders have put up numbers that most business owners and network marketers will never achieve. Leading the pack inside of MLSP and this industry as a whole, the MLSP Master Marketers have dialed in their businesses and are now giving back to the MLSP community because they understand the greater MLSP Mission. This mastermind group also helps pave the future and direction of MLSP, and in turn receives access to private MLSP retreats, access to all MLSP events, and exclusive seats to live weekly advanced webinars reserved only for the MLSP Master Marketers. This is the new wave of leadership. Meet your MyLeadSystemPRO Master Marketers.

Diane Hochman

I’ve been a successful marketer for 12 years now but I was trying to do it all myself. Keeping up on every trend and technique and trying to teach it all to your team can be exhausting and also keep you from doing what you need to do for your own business so I decided to plug into My Lead System Pro and boy was it one of the best business decisions I have EVER made! The training library and support plus the web pages and tools are top notch and now I have the time to really focus in on my leaders knowing that that whole team had access to state of the art resources.

Diane Hochman

“I plugged into this system and the step-by-step blueprint really made the difference in my business. I just generated 41 leads the other day! This system produces lay down sales for you. I make more money before I even wake up in the morning than I used to make in my old full-time corporate advertising job, and it is because of this system.”

Adam Chandler Fort Collins, CO

My Lead System Pro provided me with the training & the tools that I need to build my business online. It’s definitely a “game-changer”! Thanks to MLSP, I went from ZERO to generating 25-40 laser-targeted leads every day PLUS sign-ups into my business virtually on auto-pilot. The great thing about it is that anyone can plug right into the system and start building their business today!

Steve Hawk

“The one thing that MyLeadSystemPRO does is they actually teach you how to become a Master Marketer, how to generate endless leads, how to build your brand, and how to build your list!I realized that this system was IT. This was the structure I was looking for in order to explode my business. MLSP is the premiere system on the planet, period.”

Dwayne Pyle New York, NY

Imagine having more leads than you have time for and earning affiliate commissions that pay your bills every month even if no one joins your primary business. Imagine having people CALLING YOU because they want to join your business. Then imagine being in a community that actually WANTS you to succeed… My Lead System Pro will make that a REALITY in your life! Decide to take action and get busy creating the life you deserve!

James Hicks

Before MLSP, I purchased leads and cold called them, spent hours posting online ads only to get minimal results. I found MLSP when searching for effective ways of marketing online because my upline at the time wasn’t teaching it. Now, all of my leads come and find me. When I call them, they know exactly who I am. MLSP has taught me how to market on the internet in a way that attracts others to what I have to offer. I generate up to 39 leads every single day using free marketing strategies using this system. I have people calling me asking to join my team. All I did was copy those that were already achieving the results that I wanted. I selected a marketing strategy in the training library that appealed to me, studied the training that MSLP provided, and took massive action. Now, it is your turn!

Kim Tarr


My Lead System Pro is the one stop shop for struggling network marketers or for veterans a like. The system will teach you everything from Social media, video, and article marketing. As well as live prospecting calls and live marketing webinar trainings weekly plus much more. The results I have gotten myself have been very impressive to say the least. I went on to generate hundreds of leads every month. Signed up 226 members and do the live prospecting calls for our members. Then went on to achieve access to MLSP Master Marketers Team. Twice! Don’t procrastinate any longer. If you want to learn the insider secrets to grow you business like we do as top producers then take action now.

Joe LoBalsamo


“I’ve been in the industry for over 22 years. I failed miserably for months, chasing my warm market around and it drove me nuts. I realized that what I needed to do was to start marketing to a larger audience that was actually looking for I had to offer. When I decided to build another company several months ago, I knew I needed a new approach, and when I found MLSP I knew this was what I was looking for, a step by step blueprint to generating a fortune. This is one incredible system!”

Marc Barrett Miami Beach, FL


We’re extremely grateful to have stumbled upon MLSP. To be completely honest, we wish we would have found this years ago. Wandering around shopping malls and coffee shops to make new friends and meet new prospects was daunting and really started to drive us crazy….If these tasks were driving US crazy, how could we expect the people we recruited to the same? We needed some options! Well we found the MLSP system, we work with it every day and the training and education is world class. We now have legitimate marketing strategies for our home business and we learned how to attract 20-50 well qualified leads a day, all while sponsoring at least 1-2 new people into our company each week and generating multiple streams of income. What a treat to be able to have these skills and knowledge to share with our entire team and this is power! Our goal is to be the leaders that leaders are attracted to!

Tanya Aliza (Links)

“It’s absolutely changed my business and without MLSP I would not have been able to accomplish what I have in this industry. When I first got started I jumped right in and within my first 60 days I had generated 100 leads through free strategies, soon I started to generate 20-30 leads per day from my blog. The training in MLSP is impeccable. If you just follow the track, there’s no way you can’t see the results that so many of us have thus far. You guys have put something together that’s going to last for years because you are impacting so many great people such as myself. Thank you.”

Tracey Walker