How Does Your MLM Blog Stack Up

Over the last few months I’ve taken some time to look around the internet and really see who’s providing great mlm blog content.

Now this isn’t a popularity contest.  Just a quality check.  There are so many mlm blogs out there, especially now that the empower network has taken over the internet stratosphere with it’s plug and play mlm blog platform and insane domain power.  It begs the question, what’s the point of all this blogging, and is anyone doing it right?  Is there a right or a wrong way to blog?  Is there some magic formula that needs to be followed exactly as taught if you want to have any level of success?

To be honest, I have no clue what makes a good mlm blog writer…. it’s a very personal thing.

There are engineers, scientists, algorithm magicians and googleplex residents working 24/7 on figuring this mlm blog stuff out — how the heck am I supposed to know what does and doesn’t work online especially in the mlm blog space, and all the ancillary industries that it has spawn.  I guess the only way to truly see what works, is to look at the results.  We live in a world where you really don’t know who you’re dealing with.  There are so many online personalities, especially on facebook these days, no one even knows if they’re dealing with the actual person they thing they are.

mlm blogSo in a world where no one really knows anyone, but everyone is connected, how does one really get to the bottom of the mlm blog success formula?

Look on facebook right now.  Just go and check out some groups of people trying to “make it” online.  There is a herd mentality, that in a way actually works against the end goal.  But I think something came up recently that may change that but I won’t go into that here.  It’s not the place and it’s not why you’re here.

The great mlm blog writers are those that speak from the heart.

… That tell you the truth

… That don’t bullshit you into buying something just because they told you to.

… They have families

… They have friends

… You are trying to figure it out, but really

it’s You.

mlm blog

MLM Blog

You are the mlm blog writer that everyone needs.  Regardless of any SEO or any tools, tricks, traps, or mental ninja techniques, in the end it’s all about you.  I look at the posts of mine that have produced the best results, offline and online.  Offline I mean in myself.  After I write something real, and during, there’s something empowering that happens.  It just comes, it just happens, I can go on forever.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth having an mlm blog, rather than just a personal blog.

I was designing a squeeze page last night and I was having trouble getting the right words that would “captivate” and “inspire” and “move to action” the people that visit.  My wife looked over at me and said — “you don’t believe it” ” it’s not true” “if it hasn’t happened to you, you can’t write it, because people see through bullshit”

So I changed everything.  I deleted what I was doing and just wrote one sentence, threw in an arrow, and hit publish.  The weird thing about it, is that I couldn’t stop staring at it.  It spoke to me.  It intrigued me to the point I actually clicked and opted into my own page.

That’s what I mean when I say be you.  The great mlm blog writers are human and they make mistakes.  They talk about their ups and downs, their wins and losses, their triumphs and failures.  No whining.  It could be a veteran or a newbie.  Either way, they talk straight, look you in the eye, and bring crazy value to the market.

I’ve added these mlm blog posts to show you what I mean by quality.  These are awesome guys.  How do I know, you need to look at who follows them.

Secure Your WordPress MLM Blog From Hackers – Ty Tribble

mlm blogtytribble.com11/1/11

Secure Your WordPress MLM Blog From Hackers. A couple of weeks ago, several of my blogs were hacked. I don’t think it was a targeted hack, more like someone being malicious and attempting to spread harmful viruses across the internet.

The Empower Network – Why David Wood Gave Me A Nude

mlm blogkrisdarty.com11/7/11

True Story, David Wood actually gave me, along with 3 other founding members of The Empower Network a nude massage the week following a secret meeting that took place in Orlando Florida were he revealed for the first

4 Steps To Improve Old Search David Wood’s MLM Prosperity Blog

mlm blogworkwithdavidwood.com11/6/11

TweetEmailRanking in the search engines can be tough, especially when you’re dealing with lots of competition. When you’re running a blog, you have to constantly post new content. Generally, most people will publish a


A lion is not a leader…….

mlm blog

…….until a bigger lion follows.


mlm blog

mlm blog

mlm blog

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